Can flushable wipes cause bacterial infections?

Can flushable wipes cause bacterial infections?

Women are always more vulnerable than men in all aspects of their bodies, especially in spring, when the weather is humid and intimate clothing is susceptible to moisture, which can be very damaging to a woman's private health. At the same time, also pay attention to the maintenance of private parts, when using flushable wipes to avoid bacterial infections, so that your private parts are healthier.

However, when using some flushable wipes to touch our private parts, we often worry whether we will get infected with bacteria. On one hand the private parts are more sensitive and fragile, on the other hand using substandard flushable wipes for direct contact can lead to direct infection. This requires us to identify whether the wipes are qualified or not, and to recognize the wipes from their tissue material and list of ingredients.

Can both wet toilet paper and wipes be used to wipe butts?

Although wet toilet paper is called paper, but it is not paper, strictly speaking is a kind of wet wipes, is a product specifically for toilet scenarios, can more thoroughly clean excrement and menstrual blood and other dirt. Wet toilet paper is made from wood pulp fibers and viscose fibers, produced through a wet spunlace nonwoven process, most of which are flushable and dispersible. The raw materials of wet wipes include polyester fibers and polypropylene fibers, which are not easily flushable. Therefore, wet wipes can not be thrown directly into the toilet, otherwise it is easy to cause toilet clogging, can not use wet wipes instead of wiping farts. The positioning of these two products is different, and there are some differences in product characteristics. Wet toilet paper after wiping, the moisture attached to the skin needs to be able to evaporate quickly so as to ensure that the perianal area is dry, otherwise it is more likely to breed bacteria. In addition, the production materials and processes of wet wipes and wet toilet paper are also different. The use scenarios and uses are naturally different.

How should I buy wet toilet paper products?

The purchase of wet toilet paper products can be considered from several angles. The first thing to look at is what raw materials the wet toilet paper towels are made from and whether they can be flushed out. Flushable wet toilet paper is mostly made of biodegradable cellulose fiber material, which is more environmentally friendly.
Secondly, look at the liquid composition contained in the wet wipes. Wet toilet paper selection to pure water is appropriate, but also, according to the different needs to choose different add plant extracts of wet wipes. For example, some brands of wet wipes have launched wet toilet paper for women's private parts or menstrual care. Such products have passed the vaginal mucosa test, and the pH is close to the female vaginal environment, which is weakly acidic, reducing skin irritation and more suitable for women. Some wet toilet paper contains skin-specific active extracts that can soothe the skin. In addition, the wet toilet paper itself is soft and comfortable, suitable for hemorrhoid patients.
Finally, it is to look at the post-processing process of the wet toilet paper. In the premise of meeting the two aspects, the purchase of wet toilet paper has been basically no use of the problem. Want to better use experience, you can pick the surface of the wet toilet paper after processing. The current practice of some manufacturers is wet toilet paper embossed processing, for all the wiping to provide sufficient clean force.

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