• Effective cleaning

  • Gentle on Skin

  • Breathable quality fabric

  • Delivery within 2-5 working days

Best Selling Pet Wipes

VIETDAI Pet Wipes are completely alcohol-free, contain no harsh chemicals, and contain soothing aloe vera. Extra large, soft and gentle, measuring 8x8 inches and 3 times thicker than standard baby wipes. Perfect for use over the entire body, as a coat deodorizer or just for the occasional muddy and smelly paw and bottom.


Why choose our products

Cleaning makes everything better

VIETDAI's original intention is to make all things better because of cleaning, to keep clean and hygienic for furry babies more at ease, for the family more healthy, for the whole family more happy. Make cleaning more convenient and quick. Selected high-quality fabrics, strict quality control, only to do to reassure customers of the good products.

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