How should I care for my eyeglass lenses?

How should I care for my eyeglass lenses?

If you take care of your eyeglass lenses, you'll find it easier to keep things clear. Here are our tips
Today's modern eyeglass lenses really are a marvel of technology. If you want to use your glasses for as long as possible, it is important to not only take care of them, but also to prevent damage caused by harmful external factors. Bad daily use habits can also scratch the lenses leading to blurred vision.
The lenses available on the market are generally resin lenses, which are formed by chemically synthesizing and processing and polishing the resin as a raw material.

How should I take care of my coated resin lenses?

  • Start with the correct way to take off your glasses

  Take off and put on the glasses with both hands holding the end of the legs in the direction of the cheeks parallel to the sides of the face. If you take off and put on the glasses with one hand, they will be deformed.

  • Fold the frames from the left side

  The frames of mainstream manufacturers are designed to be folded from the left side, so if you fold the right side first, it will easily cause deformation or wear of the frame.

  • Proper placement of glasses

   When you temporarily place your glasses, it is best to place them with the convex side facing up. Resin lenses are easily scratched

  • Do not use a friend's sleeve to wipe your glasses

   Use a clean wipe or a special wipe for eyeglasses to prevent wiping, making sure to hold the frame edge on the side of the wipe with your hand and gently wipe the lens. Avoid damage to the frame or lens by excessive force.

  • How to clean eyeglass lenses

        Clean eyeglass lenses at home with running, slightly warm water. Dry them with a microfiber cloth.
When you are out and about and cleaning your glasses is limited, these anti-fog lenses for glasses guarantee effective and fast cleaning of your glasses. They effectively clean greasy stains from your glasses without scratching or burdening the lenses. These wipes have an extraordinarily fine structure that ensures a particularly gentle cleaning of all eyeglass lenses.

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