How to choose flushable wipes

How to choose flushable wipes

Biodegradable wet toilet paper is more environmentally friendly
Wet toilet paper is made of wood pulp fibers and viscose fibers, most of which are flushable. The liquid composition of wet toilet paper, which mainly includes water, active extracts (providing moisturizing and skin-soothing functions), and some soothing plant ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E, and rose extract, are added according to different needs. It passed the vaginal mucous membrane test is a product specifically for toilet scenarios, and can cleanse dirt such as excrement and menstrual blood more thoroughly. Both raw materials come from plants that are widely distributed in nature and are biodegradable, renewable and environmentally friendly.

How should I buy wet toilet paper products?
The purchase of wet toilet paper products can be considered from several angles. First of all, see whether the product can be flushed out. Flushable wet toilet paper is mostly made of biodegradable cellulose fiber material, which is more environmentally friendly. In the purchase process is mainly to see whether the outer packaging of the product has "can be thrown into the toilet", "can be flushed" and other words or signs, if the outer packaging of the product has the above words or signs, then after use can be thrown directly into the toilet. However, it should be noted that even if the wet toilet paper marked "can be flushed", in actual operation may also cause clogging, it is recommended not to throw in two at once.
Next, look at the liquid composition. Wet toilet paper selection to pure water is appropriate, but also, according to the different needs to choose. For example, some manufacturers have launched wet toilet paper for women's private parts or menstrual care, such products have passed the vaginal mucosa test, and the pH is close to the female vaginal environment, which is weakly acidic, reducing skin irritation and more suitable for women to use. Some wet toilet paper contains skin-specific active extracts that can soothe the skin. In addition, the wet toilet paper itself is soft and comfortable, suitable for hemorrhoid patients.
Finally, it's all about the finishing process of the wet toilet paper. After meeting the first two items, the wet toilet paper purchased has basically no more problems of use. Want to better use experience, you can pick the surface of the wet toilet paper after treatment. The current practice of some manufacturers is wet toilet paper embossed processing, for all the wiping to provide sufficient clean force.

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