How to choose quality dryer towels

How to choose quality dryer towels

1. Good raw materials.
Quality ingredients are the key to quality. If the ingredients are safe, the product can be safe. VIETDAI is a company that strictly selects raw materials. Continuously strict control of product quality.

Dry towel material has two directions to choose from. Plant fiber and cotton. Priority is given to cotton raw materials, from multiple dimensions to select high-grade cotton, low impurity rate. Selection of high-quality cotton from various origins, to minimize harmful residues. The products made in this way can be used with confidence.

The market advertises a wide range of cotton products, how do we go to distinguish whether the purchase of real cotton products?

You can choose a small piece of clothing fabric or extract a small strand of yarn at the sewing edge, close to the flame. Cotton fibers will be close to the flame does not melt and shrink, contact with the flame immediately burn, and send out the smell of burning paper, burned out of a fine and soft gray and black or gray flocculent ash, no scorched, so that the cotton is really cotton products.

2. Factory environment should be good.
Small workshops or black hearted factories that dirty place of production of products there are very big health risks. Production environment is not standardized, unhygienic, the product may be contaminated by bacteria, dirt impurities. Undesirable products carrying germs may cause skin allergies.

3. There must be no residue of harmful substances.
In the process of selecting dry towels, not only require the texture of dry towels other than soft. Can not leave harmful residues, including heavy metals, benzene, migratory fluorescent agents and other substances, if accidentally used to substandard products, will cause damage to the body.
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