How to clean glasses properly

How to clean glasses properly

The glasses you wear every day, after a day of use, stained with oil and dust in the air, contact with facial hair, hair products and even mascara, lenses and frames dirty will not only affect the clarity of vision and the perception of others, but also may allow bacteria to attack the eyes and skin, so regular cleaning of the lenses is essential for us.
In order to prevent scratched glasses, glasses cleaning and maintenance everyone needs to learn. Many people are used to wipe with clothes, some use toilet paper, and of course some use dry glasses cloth directly to wipe the lenses covered with dust, all of which are the main causes of scratched glasses.

How to clean your glasses well

Please rinse your glasses with water.
When cleaning your glasses, please wash your hands first.
After washing your hands, take the glasses to the bottom of the faucet
Open the faucet and rinse with water. The purpose of this action is to remove the small dust, dust and sand particles attached to the surface of the lenses.

Choose your cleaning products carefully

The water is not the only way to wash away the grease and dirt. Many eyeglass lovers use detergents to clean their eyeglasses, and in the absence of better options, detergents are indeed the only cleaning products, but we can't be sure if they will affect the frames and lenses. Excitingly, there are some eyeglass cleansers on the market, which is a good thing for eyeglass lovers, as they can effectively clean the lenses. The more fortunate is that there are also special eyeglass wipes to choose from. It is not only easy to carry but also effective in cleaning and maintaining the lenses.
Get into the habit of cleaning them every day
For high usage glasses, it is recommended to clean them at least once a day, using a special eyeglass liquid and then rinsing them off with water. When it is inconvenient to go out and want to clean your glasses more quickly, using special eyeglass wipes is the perfect choice.

Steps for cleaning glasses
1. Rinse off the dust and dirt with water to avoid scratching the lenses, and then fold the arms.
2. Make the foam cover the front and back of the glasses evenly.
3.After rubbing gently, rinse with water without waiting.
4.Dry with a tissue, done!

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