How to clean up your dog's tear stains?

How to clean up your dog's tear stains?

What are tear stains?

The reason why pets have tear stains. It is caused by porphyrins. Porphyrins occur when blood red blood cells, which naturally contain iron, break down. Porphyrins in dogs are excreted from tears, saliva, and urine. Tear stains occur when tears and saliva containing porphyrins remain on light-colored coats for a period of time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and become darker.

If the tear stains are brown in color rather than rusty red, it is usually because of fungal and bacterial infections in the hair near the tear stains due to prolonged wetting in the tears, which can also make the tear stains stink and give the pet an unpleasant body odor.

The amount of porphyrins in tears is related to the animal's breed, health, diet, and living environment.

Causes of tear stains

1. Eye diseases

(1) Ingrown eyelashes (eyelashes grow inside the eyes)

(2) Ectopic eyelashes (eyelashes growing on the inner eyelid)

(3) Eyelid entropion or oversized tear ducts

(4) Glaucoma or other ophthalmic diseases

The above conditions will continue to irritate the cornea or conjunctiva, making the pet weep abnormally

2.Lacrimal system disease

The nasolacrimal duct obstruction caused by short-nosed dog syndrome (such as pug, bulldog, Pekingese and other such dogs with large eyes but short noses are prone to nasolacrimal duct obstruction problems).

3.ear canal disease

Pet dog ear canal diseases often occur, because the dog ear structure folds hairy, daily care is difficult, such as frequent neglect of cleaning or incomplete care, its ear dirt will breed a large number of bacteria, fungi, infected ear mites and other parasites, triggering pet itching, dermatitis or otitis externa and other diseases.

4.Lack of dietary nutrition

Pet food contains artificial colors, additives, preservatives and other substances, which may cause symptoms of sensitivity, thus indirectly leading to increased tear secretion in dogs. Dogs eating too much food containing salt will also increase the secretion of tears.

How to treat tear stains?

1.first of all, to keep the dog's face clean: daily use soft pet wipes to gently wipe the parts of the dog with tear stains.

2.Check carefully around your dog's eyes every day and regularly reduce the hair that may irritate his eyes. attention to the nutritional balance of the dog's diet, do not feed human meals.

4. the owner needs to keep the dog in good physical and mental health, appropriate to take the dog to the park to run
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