How to clean your pet well without a bath

How to clean your pet well without a bath

On the one hand most dogs and cats don't like bathing, and on the other hand bathing your pet regularly destroys the oil on the surface of the skin, making it less protective and vulnerable to outside bacteria. However, the secretions of the dog's sebaceous glands have an unpleasant odour and can also get tangled with dirt and make the coat smell bad. If not cleaned promptly, it can easily attract pathogenic microorganisms and parasites that can make your dog sick. When it comes to getting your dog clean and tidy, the struggle can sometimes be very real. If your dog or cat doesn't like baths and you want to give your pet a good clean, then pet wipes are a good option.

When you're thinking about choosing safe and secure pet wipes to get the job done, here are 3 things you should prioritise!

1) Durability: The quality of your pet's wipes is particularly important, being thick enough and large enough to clean your big dog's paws, the wetness of the wipes also affects how well you clean your pet when you clean them

2) Safety: whether the wipes are sensitive to your pet, buy alcohol-free and preservative-free pet wipes. Give preference to hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested wipes to avoid any irritation.

3) Ingredients: The simplest ingredients are the safest. Our pet wipes are made with only pure water and a drop of the natural ingredients Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe the coat.
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