How to give your dog a good cleaning

How to give your dog a good cleaning

Things you need to do every day
1 Walk the dog

Walk your dog every day is a must for every owner, take your dog for a walk for at least half an hour every day, longer for large dogs, and bring a dog poop bag and water to solve the dog's toilet problem during the walk, as well as timely hydration when the weather is hot.

2 Dog paw cleaning

After walking home from the park, the meat pad and paw slit will not only become dirty but also carry bacteria, so you can use special pet wipes to clean the dog's paws before entering the door.

3 Clean the buttocks

After running in the park, wipe your dog's butt to check if there is any poo on it, so as not to breed bacteria and diseases due to improper care, especially for long-haired dogs. Use special dog care wipes to wipe sensitive areas to prevent the growth of bacteria.

4 Change dog food and water

Add dog food in small amounts several times a day according to the dog's size and eating situation, and the dog food that is not finished that day needs to be replaced with a new one the next day, and it is not recommended to give the dog overnight food. Provide fresh drinking water to the dog every day.

5 Dog bowl cleaning

Food bowls should be cleaned in a timely manner, and water bowls are best cleaned every day to avoid breeding bacteria.

Do these things every week
1 Giving the dog a comb

Every week to the dog comb 3, 4 times, or easy to knot. Combing hair in accordance with the order from the inside out, front to back, first up and then down.

2 Brush your dog's teeth

Often to the dog brush teeth can prevent bad breath and dental calculus, with finger toothbrush first to the dog to adapt, you can also DIY finger toothbrush, use pet wipes wrapped around the finger to clean the dog's teeth, brush outside the teeth can be given appropriate snacks as a reward, so that dogs love to brush their teeth.

3 Eye cleaning

Often wipe your dog's eyes, wipe clean with pet wipes, can prevent inflammation of the dog's eyes and produce tear marks.

4 Wipe chin

After eating, the chin is easily covered with food residue, use clean pet wet wipes in the direction of the hair to help dogs wipe the chin to prevent black chin.

5 Vacuuming hair

Hairy children inevitably shed hair, a week to use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the hair in the house 2 or 3 times to keep the living environment clean and hygienic.

Every half month need to do these things
1 Nail clipping

In order to prevent dogs from scratching themselves, scratching their owners, and destroying furniture, you need to trim your dog's nails regularly, and be careful not to cut to the blood line.

2 Shave the foot hair

Dogs will also grow hair in the meat pad seam, easy to hide bacteria after going out to play, and easy to slip when running, regular trimming of foot hair can be prevented.

3 Clean the ear canal

Ear canals are prone to ear mites, so cleaning the ear canals with ear wash every half month can effectively prevent them.

4 Bathing for dogs

According to the weather and the dog's own situation every half month to the dog 1-2 times bath, remember to use the dog special body wash, squeeze the anal gland. After bathing to blow dry in time.

5 Change the bed sheet

Some parents will allow the dog to bed, regular replacement of bed sheets will be more hygienic.

These things need to be done every month
1  In vitro deworming

Once a month, you should do in vitro deworming for your dog to prevent ticks, fleas, lice, mites, etc.

2 Cleaning furniture and corners

Some puppies like to drill the bottom of the bed or sofa, sweep once a month to provide a comfortable bad environment for the dog.

3 Wash the dog kennel

Clean the kennel every month to avoid breeding bacteria that can make your dog suffer from skin diseases.

You need to do these things every year
1 Checkup

Not only humans need annual medical checkups, but also dogs need regular medical checkups to keep abreast of the dog's physical condition and to prevent and treat it in a timely manner.

2 Check the antibodies, refill vaccines

Whether the dog's previous vaccination is still effective, through the antibody test can be known, if the body does not form antibodies, it is necessary to inject vaccines again, and vice versa is not necessary.

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