How to go to the toilet properly

How to go to the toilet properly

Going to the toilet is one of the most mundane and primitive activities in a person's life. Perhaps when sitting on the toilet, people can focus on themselves wholeheartedly and enjoy this primitive, unattached, free time that no one can disturb with any reason, without distractions, which shows how important it is to find inner peace in the midst of the chaos of life.


Squatting toilet or toilet, the better to fit

Choose which one to go to the toilet needs to be divided into situations. In public places, squatting toilets are more hygienic, avoiding pollution and cross-infection, in line with some people who have a hygienic need to go to the toilet outside, while the bidet facilities, chosen for special people, freeing the legs, especially suitable for the frail people who can not squat, can not squat for a long time, the elderly, pregnant women, patients, post-operative and other special people. And in private space, more people choose to install the toilet at home.


The principle of smooth defecation

Relatively comfortable position, changing the original squatting position when the anal right angle. The anal right angle is the angle between the rectum and the anus formed by specific muscles pulling the rectum forward in the anus, which can play a role in stopping the rapid decline of feces and also preventing fecal overflow (the physiological angle responsible for the self-control function of the anus). Seat defecation makes the gravitational effect of feces weakened and does not help defecation. The above problem can be improved by leaning the upper body slightly forward when defecation is difficult, or by putting a footstool of 15 cm to 20 cm under the feet.


Clean up after defecation and choose the best paper towel to wipe

You must consider the type and quality of toilet paper used. It is best to choose a toilet paper that is strong, absorbent and soft - and can be put to serious work. Pairing toilet paper with flushable wipes is also a great way to improve the quality of your daily bathroom visits and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Clean toilet paper is the most commonly used product in people's daily toileting routine, and as society develops and people's needs continue to rise, many other products have emerged to improve our standard of living and meet diverse needs even more.

Flushable wet wipes

Wet wipes are the second most popular wiping product - especially after people have defecated. The convenience of dissolvable wet toilet paper and the comfort of using them has led to more households using them. Some people will use them together with toilet paper or on their own. Pair VIETDAI® Flushable Wipes with your dry toilet paper for a fresh look. Made with 95% water and aloe vera extract, VIETDAI® Flushable Wipes gently clean and sterilize, leaving you cleaner in a single wipe.

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