Uses of kitchen wipes

Uses of kitchen wipes

What are kitchen wipes?
Kitchen wipes are specially applied to kitchen cleaning wipes, before people mainly use wipes to clean the kitchen, wipes can be reused, but after using for a long time, it will emit an odor, and will become more and more dirty, can not be washed clean, and become a place for bacteria derivatives.

The benefits of kitchen wipes.
You can easily scrub the kitchen hoods, stoves and other kitchen items, with the effect of oil removal and anti-bacteria, use it up and throw it away, clean and convenient. Kitchen cleaning wipes are mainly used to wipe gas stoves, range hoods, refrigerators and microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances with more surface oil and food residue.
Kitchen wipes have a strong ability to remove oil and sterilize, but in practice it is not recommended to use it to wipe dishes.

The safety of kitchen wipes for people.
Because in order to make kitchen cleaning wipes and strong stain removal ability, the concentration of detergent in its dip formula is high, generally formulated into an alkaline solution, which contains ingredients to remove heavy grease, as well as fragrance, alcohol and other chemicals. The bowl is a necessary daily eating utensils, is the direct contact with the mouth, the cleanliness and safety of the bowl is directly related to personal health.
Bowl generally can not use kitchen wipes to wipe, it is best to wash with water, or with a special dishwashing detergent cleaning. Of course, occasionally lazy do not want to wash the bowl, with kitchen wipes to wash the bowl is also possible, but remember to wipe the bowl with water after a few more times to avoid the chemical residues in the wet wipes in the bowl.

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