What is the best and cleanest way to wipe your butt?

What is the best and cleanest way to wipe your butt?

Dry paper towels

The invention of dry tissue paper has become the most common tool used by ordinary people to wipe their butts, although it is very common, but it is also a bit delicate to use.

Toilet paper: toilet paper or rolls of paper used to wipe farts. Cheap, absorbing water can be dissolved, thrown into the toilet well flushed down, but thinner and softer, in the process of wiping may be easy to break.

Tissue paper: that is, wipe your mouth and face with facial tissue, handkerchief paper, containing less bacteria, relatively safer and more hygienic, generally thicker, not easy to break, to wipe the farts is also possible, but if thrown into the toilet may make the toilet "indigestion". Even sewer blockage. It is safer to throw it in the toilet's trash can.

● Wet tissues

Sometimes it's not easy to wipe clean a dry stool with normal dry paper, and when you use force, you may break the skin and bleed from the chrysanthemum, which is even more uncomfortable when you have hemorrhoids, so a more appropriate choice is to wipe it with wet paper towels and then air dry or press dry with dry paper.

Ordinary wet wipes: including sanitary wipes, baby wipes, alcohol wipes, etc., soft, comfortable, moist and easy to wipe, but if it contains alcohol, fragrance is not suitable for wiping farts.

Wet toilet paper: more soft, comfortable and moist, compared to ordinary dry paper for the Ju Department of cleaning power will be stronger, more friendly to the "hemorrhoids". Gentle wipe, clean and comfortable.

Suggestions for choosing paper

The actual quality of the package is good > first class > qualified, try to pick the best quality.

The best choice for wiping the buttocks is soft, comfortable, clean, large enough and not too easy to break, in fact, tissue paper and wet toilet paper are good choices, is a little expensive (of course, this may also be our disadvantage).

 It is best to smell again when using there is no smell of chemicals, do not use poor quality irregular, expired paper towels to wipe the buttocks, may lead to problems such as chrysanthemum and skin allergies, some rough texture, a wipe on the slag paper also do not use again.
How should I wipe my butt?

● Find the right direction to wipe

What direction do you usually use to wipe your butt? From front to back, from back to front, from left to right, from right to left?

It is recommended that women wipe from front to back or wipe separately (i.e. wipe the front with paper and then wipe the back with a new paper).

Because of the special physiological structure of women (urethra, vagina and anus are close to each other), the degree of defense against germs is urethra <vagina <anus. If you wipe from back to front or back and forth, it is easy for the bacteria in anal secretions to enter the urethra or vagina and cause infection.

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