Why do people prefer to use wet wipes?

Why do people prefer to use wet wipes?

There is no doubt that cleaning is something that we must do in our daily life. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness are healthy habits, including the cleaning of pets and the cleaning of your belongings. But some scenarios make cleaning not readily available, and wipes have become the perfect solution, designed to allow you to clean quickly and easily while on the go or even at home.

Those roles of wet wipes

cleaning role

This is the most basic role of wet wipes, ordinary wet wipes can meet the purpose of cleaning. Out of the house is not easy to use when cleaning with water, that is, use and discard.

sterilization and disinfection

Wet wipes can sterilize, only to have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, so be sure to look at. If you only need to inhibit bacteria, you can use sanitary wipes, wipe after a period of time will play a role in sterilization, and can not achieve the effect of disinfection. For the special requirements of the hope that can quickly sterilize and disinfect the role of wipes, then you must choose alcohol disinfection wipes, can be more thorough sterilization, mainly for the defense of sudden influenza, etc..

Lens cleaning

For wiping computers, tables, chairs, glasses, etc. Use wet wipes to wipe computer screens, glasses and tables and chairs and other objects than the effect of wipes much better. The lens cleaning wipes with moisture are faster and easier to clean the lenses. Here especially recommended VIETDAI anti-fog lens cleaning wipes, not only can play the effect of cleaning the lens, but also can prevent the lens fogging.

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