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VIETDAI Anti-Fog Lens Wipes - Large box (200 tablets)

VIETDAI Anti-Fog Lens Wipes - Large box (200 tablets)

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VIETDAI Lens Anti-Fog Wipes safely and quickly clean eyeglasses and sunglasses as well as other optical components such as camera lenses, webcams, binoculars and microscopes. These wipes are specially formulated with a unique mild solution to gently and effectively remove smudges and dirt, leaving optical surfaces free of scratches, streaks or residue. Individually wrapped for easy storage in your purse, backpack, desk or car.


Wipes material: soft hydroentangled non-woven
Ingredients: water. Ethanol. Anti-fogging agent. Oligomer
Flavoring: fragrance free
Wipe size: 4.7 x 5.5 IN

Use VIETDAI anti-fog wipes to say goodbye to fogging of glasses and make your vision clearer.

Warm Tips:

1. Avoid high temperature and sunlight. Put it in a cool place.

2. For single use only, please use new anti-fog cleaning wipes as needed.

3. Not suitable for contact lenses.

4. After using the anti-fog glasses cloth, remember not to wash it with water immediately, otherwise it will directly weaken or destroy the anti-fog effect.

This product is insoluble in water, please do not throw into the toilet, this product is flammable, avoid direct sunlight and near the source of fire, for external use only, please put in a place where babies can not touch.

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Anti-fog lens wipes

What can anti-fog lens wipes do?

Anti-fog wipes prevent fogging of all types of lenses

What are its ingredients?

Water, Ethanol, Anti-fogging agent, Oligomer

How long they can prevent fogging?

Tested to prevent fogging of lenses for up to 24 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very affordable and large volume

A box of 200 pieces is very suitable for glasses and camera fogging time, when I ski also came in handy, wipe ski goggles to prevent fogging effect is very good.